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Tuxedo Cat Photography is Austin, TX based animal-lover and photographer ME!, Sadie Woodul. As the name implies, I love animals and capturing their many personalities and antics, but I love capturing images of the human variety too. My style is to naturally reflect the true character and interactions of the family in front of the camera. Each session is designed to present a series of photographs that freeze-frame you and/or your family (human and pet alike) at a meaningful time in your life. My goal is to be as much of a "fly on the wall" as possible to get images of real life. Real curiosity. Real joy. Real love. We can always add fun props, outfits and locations, but generally, the beauty of your life un-posed is always the best subject.
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P.S. Meet Chloe, the inspiration for Tuxedo Cat. She is our baby, so you'll be seeing lots of her on this blog!

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